What happens when you call 911?

Have you ever needed to call for an ambulance? Hopefully not, but we're here if you ever need us. Watch this video to learn more.

Are You Ready?

To be ready for winter weather, It's a good idea to brush up on emergency preparedness for heavy snow, extreme cold, winds, ice, and sleet. How do you winterize your home and your vehicle? What if a storm knocks out power? Don't get caught unprepared! Read more about keeping your family and home safe at ready.gov.

Santa Claus visits Knollwood!

Each year Santa makes the rounds of Knollwood on top of one of our firetrucks. This year his visit was on Sunday, December 22, starting at 10:00 a.m. It's a Knollwood tradition!

Knollwood adds rapid response vehicle

The Knollwood Fire Department recently added a 2002 Ford Explorer to the fleet, which will be used to facilitate quicker response to citizens in need. The SUV is equipped with EMS equipment including a lifesaving AED, a fire extinguisher, and a small complement of tools and monitoring devices, in addition to incident command support equipment.

About the Fire Protection District

We all know what the Knollwood Fire Department does - we see the trucks and their highly trained personnel around the neighborhood, and we know they'll respond promptly and professionally if we should ever need to call 911. But what does the Fire Protection District do?

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