Charting Our Future

We always want to ensure the best possible fire service for our residents, and at this time we are faced with three options: maintaining the status quo, entering into a partnership with Lake Bluff, or outsourcing to Lake Forest and Libertyville. Get all the facts here.

Are You Ready?

As warmer weather approaches, It's a good idea to brush up on emergency preparedness for severe weather, thunderstorms and lightning, tornadoes, and extreme heat. Read more about keeping your family and home safe at

The Future of the Knollwood Fire Department

Rockland Fire Protection DistrictFor the past 2 years, the Rockland Fire Protection District has been in discussions with surrounding fire departments to explore other ways of providing services. In December 2017, the District received a joint proposal from Libertyville and Lake Forest; and in February 2018 the Lake Bluff Fire Department presented a very different kind of proposal.

A Discussion of Recent Questions About Consolidation

Recently many people have been asking about rumors of “consolidation” of the Fire Department. But what does that actually mean?

The term “consolidation” is used for many different kinds of arrangements. Consolidation initiatives generally fall into two main categories: political and functional.

Political consolidation is a popular topic in Illinois these days because there are so many small taxing districts. The theory is that legally combining some of them could result in cost savings.

About the Fire Protection District

We all know what the Knollwood Fire Department does - we see the trucks and their highly trained personnel around the neighborhood, and we know they'll respond promptly and professionally if we should ever need to call 911. But what does the Fire Protection District do?

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