The Future of the Knollwood Fire Department

Rockland Fire Protection DistrictFor the past 2 years, the Rockland Fire Protection District has been in discussions with surrounding fire departments to explore other ways of providing services. In December 2017, the District received a joint proposal from Libertyville and Lake Forest; and in February 2018 the Lake Bluff Fire Department presented a very different kind of proposal.

On May 8 and May 10, the District held public meetings for residents to learn about the two proposals and ask questions. In the interest of transparency, we are making the proposals and other relevant documents available here.

The District will continue discussions with these fire departments to gather facts about the basis for the projections in the proposals. No timeframe has been set yet for making a final decision.

Lake Bluff

LB proposal

Presentation on May 8, 2018


Lake Forest/Libertyville

LF-LV proposal

Presentation on May 10, 2018


Evaluation of Proposals

District attorney Brian O'Connor was asked to present an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the two proposals, as well as the consequences of taking no action (ie, maintaining the status quo). His report is presented here.

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